Friday, January 28, 2011

Napoleon Street Cottesloe

28-1-11 I was walking along Napoleon Street yesterday when I suddenly tripped and fell straight down hitting my face. As I was recovering I looked around and saw that I had tripped over a piece of wood bolted to a metal bollard at the side of the pavement .

The bollard is to stop cars driving on the pavement. It is square and made of metal but on all four sides it has a piece of wood bolted on to protect the metal. The wood had been damaged and had become loose from the bolt at the top although still secured at the bottom. The wood had fallen down across the pavement and formed a obstruction calculated to trip up anyone trying to cross the road at that point.

I have reported the problem to Mr. Trigg at the Cottesloe Council and he has assured me it will be repaired.

So if you are walking down Napoleon Street make sure you keep your eyes on the ground otherwise you may land on your face like I did. Fortunately I only received a few bruises and scratches so I reatreated to the new library and washed the blood off myself in the washroom there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

About Me

I am a Cotteloe resident who enjoys walking and swimming and the outdoors generally. I have lived in the area since 1975 and have seen Cottesloe change from a sleepy seaside suburb to a busy building site where houses disappear and new building appear on site each time you walk past and the streets are clogged with huge trucks full of building materials.

Walks Around Cottesloe

Cottesloe is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the fresh air from the Indian Ocean. Some suggested walks are:

Coastal Walk  Start at the Wild Fig Cafe in Swanbourne and walk along the concrete path South as far as you like. If you want a long walk the Salt Restaurant should be your destination but you can head for the cafes at the Cottesloe can be a good place to stop for a rest and a drink.

If you can avoid the cyclists racing past you will get views of the sea with the ships anchored  waiting to enter Fremantle Harbour and on a good day Rottnest Island in the distance.

* Around Allen Park  Start at the Allen Park Tennis Club and walk north across the park and join the concrete path between the old houses at the foot of the hill. Walk along and then take the left branch of the path and climb directly up the hill to the top. This is a steep climb but there are steps to help you up and a view across the SAS camp to Scarboruough at the top.

You follow the concrete path down taking the right branch down towards the sea. Walk across the Oval and to Swanbourne Beach. Enjoy the view there and perhaps a coffee at the Wild Fig Cafe. As you come out follow the path to Marine Parade and turn left up the hill and it will take you back to the Allen Park Tennis Club.

* River Walk  Start at the Ocean Beach Hotel and walk up Eric Street, cross the railway line and continue up the hill and across Stirling Highway into Peppermint Grove. At the end of the road turn right and follow the road down to the river. Enjoy the view across to South Perth and then turn left along the gravel track by the edge of the Swan River. Follow the track past the Scotch College Boat Shed and up the hill to the top and then up the steps to the road. Then go back in the same direction you came.