Friday, January 28, 2011

Napoleon Street Cottesloe

28-1-11 I was walking along Napoleon Street yesterday when I suddenly tripped and fell straight down hitting my face. As I was recovering I looked around and saw that I had tripped over a piece of wood bolted to a metal bollard at the side of the pavement .

The bollard is to stop cars driving on the pavement. It is square and made of metal but on all four sides it has a piece of wood bolted on to protect the metal. The wood had been damaged and had become loose from the bolt at the top although still secured at the bottom. The wood had fallen down across the pavement and formed a obstruction calculated to trip up anyone trying to cross the road at that point.

I have reported the problem to Mr. Trigg at the Cottesloe Council and he has assured me it will be repaired.

So if you are walking down Napoleon Street make sure you keep your eyes on the ground otherwise you may land on your face like I did. Fortunately I only received a few bruises and scratches so I reatreated to the new library and washed the blood off myself in the washroom there.

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